I’m Feeling Fidgety..


Contrary to common belief (and my belief), chocolate isn’t actually all we need.

Ever get that feeling? You can’t stop fidgeting, you’re restless, you’re up and down every five seconds trying to find something to do. Well, this is me lately… And it stems down to my picky nature.

I’m a bit of a fuss pot- there, I said it…! But when I’m in the mood to eat badly, I know exactly how my mind works. I become restless, I can’t sit still, and all that runs through my mind is what I can next eat out of the cupboard. It almost becomes a game- how many chocolate bars can I eat in the next ten minutes? I don’t know about you, but there ends up being- quite literally- a battle between my head and my heart. I can sit on the sofa smiling at the thought of my next treat, but my head is screaming “Nooooo don’t do this!!!”. But my heart won’t take any of it…

Isn’t it terrible? You indulge, and you convince yourself that you’re enjoying it. You convince yourself that having a few days of treats is fine- you only live once, right? Well I’m in the process of trying to tell myself to step AWAY from the biscuit tin. It’s tough when you consider that you do only have this one life- as cliche as it is- and you want to enjoy every second of it. Why should you deprive yourself, after all?

So I’ve come to a bit of a compromise. If I can sense I’m in the mood to scoff the contents of the cupboard, I attempt to take all necessary precautions! The other week I indulged in Alpen bars. Bloody Alpen bars… It’s no bar of Cadbury’s, but it’s a little taste of chocolate, and it feels like a treat. (And at 70 calories a pop it’s not the end of the world!) Another piece of advice I can give to anyone suffering from the same restless nature as myself is, to keep yourself busy. Write a blog post if you love a spot of writing, do something you’ve been putting off for ages (mine was de-tangling jewelry), read a book, watch an interesting film or TV programme, or even just have a good ole’ natter with friends or family! After five minutes or so, you’ll forget you ever had that craving. And if all else fails, have a little cube of dark chocolate, it always helps me!

So if you’ve had a shit day and you fancy a few trips back and forth to the cupboard, try to resist the temptation. Remember how proud you are of how well you’re doing, don’t jeopardize your journey, believe in yourself!

Much love bloggers x


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