12 O’clock? More like Lunch O’clock…

It’s nearly midday. To many people, that can mark many things. It can signify your next appointment, the fact you’re half way through your day, maybe you’re meeting someone for a coffee? Whatever it may be for you guys, all that goes through my head is… you got it, lunchtime. 

I’m hoping that I’m not the only one who thinks about their next meal as they’re eating breakfast or lunch… Even when I’m eating dinner I’m thinking about breakfast the next day! Especially if you’re having a slow day, all that rules my thoughts is what I can plan for the day… It’s pretty enjoyable, I must say.

This morning I began the day with porridge, honey and raisins. I’ve been using almond milk this week- having not used it or spoken to anyone who has, I wasn’t sure how it would taste! My opinion is it’s a little… overrated. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a different flavour and it’s a bit thicker, but all in all I probably wouldn’t notice the difference if someone gave it to me without my knowledge! But it’s less calories, so I wouldn’t say no! But boy it is a tad pricey at £2.79 for 500ml… I’ll probably stick to the skimmed…

I’ve snacked on a clementine since then, and now I’m thinking about what I can rustle up for lunch! I’m a bit short on supplies lately, so I’m trying to work out what fantastic concoction I can create with what’s available. I’ve got one egg (perhaps a boiled one…), some chicken, or even some soup! Though I don’t think any of those things will go together… I’m popping to the supermarket to grab some apples before lunch, so fingers crossed I might be able to pick up some ham or yoghurt and I’ll have some fabulous lunch in no time!

If you’ve got any advice on some healthy lunch ideas, feel free to give me some tips! Enjoy your midday snack! ❤ 

Much love x


2 thoughts on “12 O’clock? More like Lunch O’clock…

  1. I am completely obsessed with food and think about it constantly from the time I wake up to the moment I’m ready to fall asleep.
    I often say I have a love/hate relationship with food or that it hates me but I love it.
    I’m not supposed to have lactose or much dairy (goats is ok) so I have tried every dairy free alternative out there including almond milk.
    I would say that if you aren’t lactose intolerant and get ill, drink the regular stuff but organic. You get used to almond milk I must say and you find ways of working with it (microwaving it makes it thicker and creamier great for latte’s or hot choccie)



    1. I’m also obsessed by food, it pretty much structures my daily routine haha.
      That must be fairly limiting with dairy products..! Thanks for the advice, I’ll give the organic stuff a go!
      And I must say, I am warming towards almond milk! Thanks for your advice 🙂 x

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