Deliciously Productive!

It’s Friday! Don’t we all love a Friday? It’s the one day we look forward to- usually even more so than Saturday- because we know that it means it’s the weekend.

I’ve been exploring the web a fair bit today, having a gander at various fitness websites and pages to give me some extra motivation. I’ve been lacking in motivation massively this week! So I needed to read about fitness, look at some transformations, and learn about exercise and health even more to give myself the kick up the arse I need! I found a few sites that seemed pretty cool, particularly Runners World ( and LA Fitness ( Runners World gave me some great tips on keeping myself motivated with regards to my running routine. As well as that, there are plenty of training tips on how to run further distances. If you need running advice, I’d highly suggest Runners World- anything you need to know, it’s there. As I mentioned, I also had a nose on LA Fitness. Being someone who wants to incorporate weights into my workouts- but with little knowledge on how to do so- this website was easy to understand, and it gave me all the information I wanted to know. For example, I’ve often used kettle bells in a workout, but this site showed me more exercises I can do with them- and more importantly, what the exercises will achieve! It also gave a variety of squatting techniques- meaning I can try out a couple of other squats that are a bit diff!

So, I looked at all the fitness malarkey, but I wanted to find some cool stuff on clean eating. This was when I came across the wonderful website and instagram account that is, Deliciously Ella. And honestly, it’s the best thing since sliced bread… Well, sliced bread and nutella… Her website is crammed with some fantastic recipes that I genuinely cannot wait to try! She uses simple ingredients, making healthy, inviting and seemingly scrummy food! And in reading her blog, she also has an obsession with porridge, much like myself… So what’s not to love? There is an array of smoothie recipes, breakfast recipes and snack recipes available on her website. Another thing I love about it is how simple and ‘everyday’ a majority of the recipes are. You don’t need anything fancy- which is perfect for me!

As I worked my way through the website, I couldn’t quite fight the temptation to buy her newly released book. Released in January this year, I cannot wait to try the wonderful creativeness this book includes!


So all in all a fairly productive day getting some advice and looking at some wonderful recipes. I highly advise you to do the same if you’re anything like me! Like I said, I’ve had a bit of a lazy week- lacking in any kind of ‘get up and go’ attitude. But now, I almost feel rejuvenated- I even went for a 5k run after doing some reading…

Give it a go readers, you never know what cookbooks you might end up buying…

Much love x


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