Waiting waiting waiting…

Being away from blogging for a while has made me a little sad, I must admit. Unfortunately due to my commitment to my education (pahaha) I haven’t been giving the ole’ blogosphere enough time!!

So today, as I sit waiting for my Media Law lecture, I am going to give a few fill-ins of what’s been going on with me!

If someone is blogging to keep them motivated, a lack of blogging can of course cause the opposite. I could have completely fallen off my ‘battle against the biscuit tin’ wagon (so to speak) and lapsed into my old habits of snacking, snacking, and more snacking!
But I am pleased to report to you that I haven’t done exactly that!!! Instead, I’ve been running, maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle and setting myself new challenges- my SO and I even ran our first 10k together last weekend!! And I must say, it was a great feeling- and I would not have been able to do it without my boyfriend motivating (or forcing, whichever way you look at it…) me to carry on going.

As well as that, I’ve been trying new recipes and trying to vary my eating habits a little to keep me interested. I actually really enjoy almond milk now too! Isn’t that just fabulous?

This is only a quick little post, but it’s a post to get me back into blogging, and back into helping to motivate others.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger says,

I will be back…

Much love x


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