Guess who’s back…


Hey guys and gals!

I’m back to blogging, and I’m raring to go. I’ve missed this interaction! I want you to know that I’m back with a vengeance to give you more and more healthy ideas and some motivation to get up and go.

January was a hard month, and February has been a little harder! The weather is terrible here in the UK, and eating well is difficult. You want cottage pies, casseroles, and all of the warm and comforting food that you’re hoping will cheer you up! If you’re anything like me, that hot chocolate and whipped cream is calling, and the marshmallows in the cupboard are screaming “Eat me girrrrl, you know you want to!” and you know what? I do want to… I always say, I’m living in a constant battle between my head and my heart. The little fat girl inside of me knows that I want those sweet little treats, but the self-conscious twenty-something that I am now tells me that a cup of green tea will do just fine. It’s a daily argument I have with myself… That’s normal, right? I do love those marshmallows though…

So I’m fairly, uh, boring, in my healthy eating. My issue is when I find something I enjoy, I’ll just keep making the same thing! I’ve often been called a rabbit. I love vegetables, and I love lettuce leaves (I can easily stand with a bag of lettuce and eat it like the bunny I am) but I want to incorporate new things into my food. I want colour, I want vibrancy, and I want more and more nutrition. I’ve been looking at loads of fab new blogs dedicated to this type of clean eating:- a way of life that makes yummy, yummy foods without jamming in the sugar, or the oil, or the other fussy bits and bobs we get in our processed meals! Look out for my links to these blogs after I’ve tried their recipes, there are some real goodies in store!

Later this evening I’m hoping to create some fantastical masterpiece for dinner. So far, I know I’m having some kale… That’s about how far I’ve got! Here’s to a fresh beginning. I’ve even changed my theme… Have a happy day honey bee’s!

Much love x


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