A little bit extra.

Happy Tuesday!

Any of you who might occasionally take an interest in my blog will know that, primarily, I blog about healthy eating and fitness (so original, right?)

Another interest I have is drawing. I literally looooooove to put a pencil to paper and get sketching. Sketching is something I’ve enjoyed since I was a little (chubby and round) girl. From portraits to animals to doodles, I love that feeling of creating something and feeling proud of what I’ve just produced!

Since being back in Uni studying Journalism, I haven’t been able to dedicate much time to drawing. I say it’s because of Uni, it’s for a number of reasons! I work, I like down-time watching Scandal episode by episode, and I like spending time with my boyfriend. All of these contribute to my week going by before my eyes, and I haven’t given myself any time to do what I used to love so much.

Yes, this is a fitness blog (she says, having not posted about running for at least a month…) but I’m going to be putting some bits of artwork on here too. For my own selfish reasons, it’ll give me some motivation to get drawing… Plus, I’d love to hear any ideas you might have for me to conjure up. Unfortunately, I always struggle for inspiration. So with any luck, you guys can give me some cool ideas!

I’ve just changed the header of my page of a drawing I did a while back. After I’ve created some new work, I’ll pop some of my older stuff on here too.

So yeah, this is just a little post to let you know I’ll be incorporating some alternative bits to food in the upcoming weeks!

Have a beautiful day x


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