Running doesn’t always mean weight loss: WHAAAAT?

This morning I was reading an article telling me why running isn’t always the best exercise to do in order to lose weight.

My response: “What the…”

The article said a few bits which, of course, make sense. Basically, running alone won’t necessarily keep burning calories after your run is over. However I have the answer- weights! Muscle growth is the best path to burning fat after you’ve done your exercises of the day. It keeps your metabolism going, and it ensures that you’ll keep burning those calories!

So yeah, running may not continue to aid in fat loss after the first week, but by incorporating some strength training you can remedy that.

Another point made was that although running builds your endurance, it doesn’t do the same as high intensity exercise. So, if you’re a runner, try incorporating some sprints into your runs. I play a little game (I say game, it’s not that fun…) whereby I’ll say to myself “Right, run as fast as you can from this lamppost to that sign” and off I go! It varies your heart rate a little and keeps you burning fat!

Give it a go, and see if you see more results! Much love x


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