I’ve always liked running and keeping fit, but I want to see real results. I’m not a celebrity who has a personal instructor, and I don’t know a lot about ‘gains’ or ‘bulking’ and that malarkey; but I do know that I want to lose some weight, tone up, and hopefully have some abs I can be proud of by the end of the year.

So, I’ve created this blog to motivate myself, and to motivate people who want to do the same. To all of those who don’t think it’ll be them who achieve great results, I’m here to post that we can, and my God, we will!

You may be wondering what’s different about this blog. Probably the same as every other one, right? Well in my opinion, there are a few aspects that make it a bit different.

A) I’m not cool and I’m clumsy- I have zero hand-eye coordination and when I run I look like I’m in pain. So don’t go thinking your running style is any worse than mine.

B) I love food. I miss chocolate when I don’t eat it (and I’m sure it misses me). My willpower is not great, and I will have those weak moments when I dip into the biscuit tin. Nobody’s perfect!

C) Plus, I can’t afford the fancy protein and the fancy fresh fennel seeds and what not. I’m making do with what a I can find.. It’s healthy eating on a budget!

To conclude this lengthy ‘About Me’ section, I’m twenty-one and looking to get some abs. It can’t be that hard, surely..?


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