Running doesn’t always mean weight loss: WHAAAAT?

This morning I was reading an article telling me why running isn’t always the best exercise to do in order to lose weight.

My response: “What the…”

The article said a few bits which, of course, make sense. Basically, running alone won’t necessarily keep burning calories after your run is over. However I have the answer- weights! Muscle growth is the best path to burning fat after you’ve done your exercises of the day. It keeps your metabolism going, and it ensures that you’ll keep burning those calories!

So yeah, running may not continue to aid in fat loss after the first week, but by incorporating some strength training you can remedy that.

Another point made was that although running builds your endurance, it doesn’t do the same as high intensity exercise. So, if you’re a runner, try incorporating some sprints into your runs. I play a little game (I say game, it’s not that fun…) whereby I’ll say to myself “Right, run as fast as you can from this lamppost to that sign” and off I go! It varies your heart rate a little and keeps you burning fat!

Give it a go, and see if you see more results! Much love x


A little bit extra.

Happy Tuesday!

Any of you who might occasionally take an interest in my blog will know that, primarily, I blog about healthy eating and fitness (so original, right?)

Another interest I have is drawing. I literally looooooove to put a pencil to paper and get sketching. Sketching is something I’ve enjoyed since I was a little (chubby and round) girl. From portraits to animals to doodles, I love that feeling of creating something and feeling proud of what I’ve just produced!

Since being back in Uni studying Journalism, I haven’t been able to dedicate much time to drawing. I say it’s because of Uni, it’s for a number of reasons! I work, I like down-time watching Scandal episode by episode, and I like spending time with my boyfriend. All of these contribute to my week going by before my eyes, and I haven’t given myself any time to do what I used to love so much.

Yes, this is a fitness blog (she says, having not posted about running for at least a month…) but I’m going to be putting some bits of artwork on here too. For my own selfish reasons, it’ll give me some motivation to get drawing… Plus, I’d love to hear any ideas you might have for me to conjure up. Unfortunately, I always struggle for inspiration. So with any luck, you guys can give me some cool ideas!

I’ve just changed the header of my page of a drawing I did a while back. After I’ve created some new work, I’ll pop some of my older stuff on here too.

So yeah, this is just a little post to let you know I’ll be incorporating some alternative bits to food in the upcoming weeks!

Have a beautiful day x

Guess who’s back…


Hey guys and gals!

I’m back to blogging, and I’m raring to go. I’ve missed this interaction! I want you to know that I’m back with a vengeance to give you more and more healthy ideas and some motivation to get up and go.

January was a hard month, and February has been a little harder! The weather is terrible here in the UK, and eating well is difficult. You want cottage pies, casseroles, and all of the warm and comforting food that you’re hoping will cheer you up! If you’re anything like me, that hot chocolate and whipped cream is calling, and the marshmallows in the cupboard are screaming “Eat me girrrrl, you know you want to!” and you know what? I do want to… I always say, I’m living in a constant battle between my head and my heart. The little fat girl inside of me knows that I want those sweet little treats, but the self-conscious twenty-something that I am now tells me that a cup of green tea will do just fine. It’s a daily argument I have with myself… That’s normal, right? I do love those marshmallows though…

So I’m fairly, uh, boring, in my healthy eating. My issue is when I find something I enjoy, I’ll just keep making the same thing! I’ve often been called a rabbit. I love vegetables, and I love lettuce leaves (I can easily stand with a bag of lettuce and eat it like the bunny I am) but I want to incorporate new things into my food. I want colour, I want vibrancy, and I want more and more nutrition. I’ve been looking at loads of fab new blogs dedicated to this type of clean eating:- a way of life that makes yummy, yummy foods without jamming in the sugar, or the oil, or the other fussy bits and bobs we get in our processed meals! Look out for my links to these blogs after I’ve tried their recipes, there are some real goodies in store!

Later this evening I’m hoping to create some fantastical masterpiece for dinner. So far, I know I’m having some kale… That’s about how far I’ve got! Here’s to a fresh beginning. I’ve even changed my theme… Have a happy day honey bee’s!

Much love x

Waiting waiting waiting…

Being away from blogging for a while has made me a little sad, I must admit. Unfortunately due to my commitment to my education (pahaha) I haven’t been giving the ole’ blogosphere enough time!!

So today, as I sit waiting for my Media Law lecture, I am going to give a few fill-ins of what’s been going on with me!

If someone is blogging to keep them motivated, a lack of blogging can of course cause the opposite. I could have completely fallen off my ‘battle against the biscuit tin’ wagon (so to speak) and lapsed into my old habits of snacking, snacking, and more snacking!
But I am pleased to report to you that I haven’t done exactly that!!! Instead, I’ve been running, maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle and setting myself new challenges- my SO and I even ran our first 10k together last weekend!! And I must say, it was a great feeling- and I would not have been able to do it without my boyfriend motivating (or forcing, whichever way you look at it…) me to carry on going.

As well as that, I’ve been trying new recipes and trying to vary my eating habits a little to keep me interested. I actually really enjoy almond milk now too! Isn’t that just fabulous?

This is only a quick little post, but it’s a post to get me back into blogging, and back into helping to motivate others.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger says,

I will be back…

Much love x

Deliciously Productive!

It’s Friday! Don’t we all love a Friday? It’s the one day we look forward to- usually even more so than Saturday- because we know that it means it’s the weekend.

I’ve been exploring the web a fair bit today, having a gander at various fitness websites and pages to give me some extra motivation. I’ve been lacking in motivation massively this week! So I needed to read about fitness, look at some transformations, and learn about exercise and health even more to give myself the kick up the arse I need! I found a few sites that seemed pretty cool, particularly Runners World ( and LA Fitness ( Runners World gave me some great tips on keeping myself motivated with regards to my running routine. As well as that, there are plenty of training tips on how to run further distances. If you need running advice, I’d highly suggest Runners World- anything you need to know, it’s there. As I mentioned, I also had a nose on LA Fitness. Being someone who wants to incorporate weights into my workouts- but with little knowledge on how to do so- this website was easy to understand, and it gave me all the information I wanted to know. For example, I’ve often used kettle bells in a workout, but this site showed me more exercises I can do with them- and more importantly, what the exercises will achieve! It also gave a variety of squatting techniques- meaning I can try out a couple of other squats that are a bit diff!

So, I looked at all the fitness malarkey, but I wanted to find some cool stuff on clean eating. This was when I came across the wonderful website and instagram account that is, Deliciously Ella. And honestly, it’s the best thing since sliced bread… Well, sliced bread and nutella… Her website is crammed with some fantastic recipes that I genuinely cannot wait to try! She uses simple ingredients, making healthy, inviting and seemingly scrummy food! And in reading her blog, she also has an obsession with porridge, much like myself… So what’s not to love? There is an array of smoothie recipes, breakfast recipes and snack recipes available on her website. Another thing I love about it is how simple and ‘everyday’ a majority of the recipes are. You don’t need anything fancy- which is perfect for me!

As I worked my way through the website, I couldn’t quite fight the temptation to buy her newly released book. Released in January this year, I cannot wait to try the wonderful creativeness this book includes!


So all in all a fairly productive day getting some advice and looking at some wonderful recipes. I highly advise you to do the same if you’re anything like me! Like I said, I’ve had a bit of a lazy week- lacking in any kind of ‘get up and go’ attitude. But now, I almost feel rejuvenated- I even went for a 5k run after doing some reading…

Give it a go readers, you never know what cookbooks you might end up buying…

Much love x

12 O’clock? More like Lunch O’clock…

It’s nearly midday. To many people, that can mark many things. It can signify your next appointment, the fact you’re half way through your day, maybe you’re meeting someone for a coffee? Whatever it may be for you guys, all that goes through my head is… you got it, lunchtime. 

I’m hoping that I’m not the only one who thinks about their next meal as they’re eating breakfast or lunch… Even when I’m eating dinner I’m thinking about breakfast the next day! Especially if you’re having a slow day, all that rules my thoughts is what I can plan for the day… It’s pretty enjoyable, I must say.

This morning I began the day with porridge, honey and raisins. I’ve been using almond milk this week- having not used it or spoken to anyone who has, I wasn’t sure how it would taste! My opinion is it’s a little… overrated. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a different flavour and it’s a bit thicker, but all in all I probably wouldn’t notice the difference if someone gave it to me without my knowledge! But it’s less calories, so I wouldn’t say no! But boy it is a tad pricey at £2.79 for 500ml… I’ll probably stick to the skimmed…

I’ve snacked on a clementine since then, and now I’m thinking about what I can rustle up for lunch! I’m a bit short on supplies lately, so I’m trying to work out what fantastic concoction I can create with what’s available. I’ve got one egg (perhaps a boiled one…), some chicken, or even some soup! Though I don’t think any of those things will go together… I’m popping to the supermarket to grab some apples before lunch, so fingers crossed I might be able to pick up some ham or yoghurt and I’ll have some fabulous lunch in no time!

If you’ve got any advice on some healthy lunch ideas, feel free to give me some tips! Enjoy your midday snack! ❤ 

Much love x

I’m Feeling Fidgety..

Contrary to common belief (and my belief), chocolate isn’t actually all we need.

Ever get that feeling? You can’t stop fidgeting, you’re restless, you’re up and down every five seconds trying to find something to do. Well, this is me lately… And it stems down to my picky nature.

I’m a bit of a fuss pot- there, I said it…! But when I’m in the mood to eat badly, I know exactly how my mind works. I become restless, I can’t sit still, and all that runs through my mind is what I can next eat out of the cupboard. It almost becomes a game- how many chocolate bars can I eat in the next ten minutes? I don’t know about you, but there ends up being- quite literally- a battle between my head and my heart. I can sit on the sofa smiling at the thought of my next treat, but my head is screaming “Nooooo don’t do this!!!”. But my heart won’t take any of it…

Isn’t it terrible? You indulge, and you convince yourself that you’re enjoying it. You convince yourself that having a few days of treats is fine- you only live once, right? Well I’m in the process of trying to tell myself to step AWAY from the biscuit tin. It’s tough when you consider that you do only have this one life- as cliche as it is- and you want to enjoy every second of it. Why should you deprive yourself, after all?

So I’ve come to a bit of a compromise. If I can sense I’m in the mood to scoff the contents of the cupboard, I attempt to take all necessary precautions! The other week I indulged in Alpen bars. Bloody Alpen bars… It’s no bar of Cadbury’s, but it’s a little taste of chocolate, and it feels like a treat. (And at 70 calories a pop it’s not the end of the world!) Another piece of advice I can give to anyone suffering from the same restless nature as myself is, to keep yourself busy. Write a blog post if you love a spot of writing, do something you’ve been putting off for ages (mine was de-tangling jewelry), read a book, watch an interesting film or TV programme, or even just have a good ole’ natter with friends or family! After five minutes or so, you’ll forget you ever had that craving. And if all else fails, have a little cube of dark chocolate, it always helps me!

So if you’ve had a shit day and you fancy a few trips back and forth to the cupboard, try to resist the temptation. Remember how proud you are of how well you’re doing, don’t jeopardize your journey, believe in yourself!

Much love bloggers x